Dan's Website
Dan standing on top of Thunder Mountain, with the city of Sedona in the background, at sunrise

Me on top of Thunder Mountain, with the city of Sedona behind me.

Welcome to my website. I am posting pictures of various family events and my photography below. Right now this website is a work in progress. I am posting new webpages and revising and reposting old webpages from 8-11 years ago. Click on the highlighted text to visit the subject that interests you.

Uncle Norman, Steve and Jackie, Aunt Nell sitting, and Mom at Aunt Nell and Uncle Norman's home in New Orleans


My chronicles of the various events in the Pitre and Maddux families' lives from 1999 to the present.

Sunset on Coffeepot, the Fin, and the Mogollon Rim in east Sedona, seen from the top of Thunder Mountain


My favorite photos from my medium and large format photographs of the beautiful scenery around Sedona from the last 4 years

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