Family Events 2012
Honore, Marie, Chais, Delaina, Marc, Keri, and me at DAHL & DiLUCA®

MAY VISIT - 2012

Our cousin Honore, his wife Marie, their daughter Delaina and her husband Chais visiting us here in Sedona.

Monica, Louis, Jessica, Aunt Lou, Marc, Felix, Lynne and Eric at Louis and Monica's home


Marc and my visit to Houston and Louisiana to visit various family relatives (including David and Melissa and their children Jonathan, Benjamin, Gabriel, and Catherine; Uncle Jimmy and Susie; Felix and Gai; Aunt Lou; Julie and Rusty; Eric and Lynne; Louis and Monica and their kids Kevin and Jessica; Mike; Aunt Nell, Uncle Norman, and Charlie; Honore and Marie; Jo-Jo) and friends (Mike Gold) and help celebrate Aunt Lou's (my favorite Godmother in the whole world) Birthday.

Jackie, James, Rick, Steve, Sophia, and John playing SMALL WORLD® in the living room


Celebrating Jackie's Birthday in Australia with Steve and the kids, Steve's Brother Rick and Father Stephen and Mother Marion, and me. Watching John's final field hockey game of the season.

Marc, Ron and Joan at the Westfork Trailhead in Oak Creek Canyon


Marc's college buddy Joan and her husband Ron come for a visit. Hiking Westfork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.

Keri and Marc, Adele and me, and Luna and Joey eating Thanksgiving Dinner at ENCAHNTMENT RESORT®


Celebrating Thanksgiving in Sedona with Marc and his girlfriend Keri, Adele, Adele's daughter Luna and her husband Joey, and me.

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