Family Events 2007

Mark Fitzpatrick and me at T'FRERE'S® bed and breakfast in Lafayette

JANUARY - 2007

Adele and my visit to Louisiana, including a visit with my old buddy Mark Fitzpatrick. A visit to the French Quarter in New Orleans with Adele. Seeing the Lafayette homes that I lived in while growing up.

Marc, Hunter and Tom at the OAK CREEK Restaurant in Tlaquepaque


Our cousin Tom Maddux and his son Hunter come to Sedona to visit with Marc and me.

Steve asnd Jackie at MANRESA® restaurant celebrating Jackie's Birthday Dinner


Jackie's Birthday Dinner at MANRESA® restaurant with Jackie and Steve and copious amounts of alcohol. Celebrating Jackie's Birthday in California with Jackie and Steve and the kids.

Rusty, Julie, and their son Eric in their home


Visiting with our friend Mike Gold at T'FRERE'S bed and breakfast. Visiting with Julie and Rusty and crew. Along with various Pitre family news.

Jackie, Keri, and Cairn preparing the food for Thanksgiving Dinner


Celebrating Thanksgiving in Sedona with Jackie and Steve and the kids, Marc and his girlfriend Keri, Adele, and me. Jackie and Steve and the kids meet Adele's horse Sedona. Visiting the wildlife park OUT OF AFRICA® with Jackie and Steve and the kids.

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