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Me sitting on my office sofa

Me sitting on my office sofa.

Family Events

I have posted pictures and stories of various family events below. Click on the image or highlighted text to visit the year that interests you.

Jackie, Marc, and Dan on the back patio of the shop NELLY BLY in Jerome, Arizona


Events from 2015, including

Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Lou sitting, with Susie and John Dempsey standing behind them, at Eric and Emily's Wedding Reception at L'EGLISE


Events from 2014, including
Me, Tom, Mike, Uncle Bill, David, and Marc in Uncle Bill and Lynne's kitchen


Events from 2013, including
Aunt Nell and Uncle Norman, Marc, me, Molly, and Charlie in the foyer of the Nelson home


Events from 2012, including
Adele, Marc and Keri, Sarah (blocked by Antonio) and Nate waiting for Antonio to pour the red wine at DAHL & DiLUCA®


Events from 2011, including
James, Jackie, John, and Sophia playing with Christmas gifts


Events from 2010, including
Jackie and Steve and Marc in front of Sydney Harbor


Events from 2009, including
Louis and Monica's son Kevin, Eric and Lynne, me, Felix and Gai, Monica and Louis, Aunt Lou, Julie, Claire, and Kevin's girlfriend about to place our order at DON'S SEAFOOD HUT®


Events from 2008, including my June visit to Louisiana and my August visit to San Francisco for Jackie's Birthday.

Adele talking to John and James while Jackie gets her camera ready to take pictures at Marc's house


Events from 2007, including
Keri and Marc, Adele's friend Doris, John hoding on to Jackie, Steve holding Sophia, Adele, and me at SHUGRUE'S® restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner


Events from 2006, including Thanksgiving in Sedona with Marc and Keri and Jackie and Steve and the kids, and my Christmas visit to San Francisco to visit Jackie and Steve and Marc and the gang.

Robert and Carol, Mom, Steve and Jackie, Marc, and me eating Christmas Dinner at Jackie and Steve's


Events from 2005, including my Christmas visit to San Francisco with Mom, Marc, Jackie and Steve and the kids.

Marc about 1/4 of the way up Thunder Mountain


Events from 2004, including Thanksgiving with Mom and Marc here in Sedona.

Jackie, Robert and Carol, and Mom celebrating Mom's Birthday at the PLEASANTON HOTEL®


Events from 2003, including:
Mom, Marc's then-girlfriend Dara, Marc, Aunt Dory, Jackie and Steve, and Dan sitting in RUTH'S CHRIS Steak House® for Mother's Day meal


Events from 2002, including:
Marc, Steve and Jackie watching Mom open her Birthday gifts in Mom's living room


Events from 2001, including:
Paul, Marc, Mom, Robert, Steve and Jackie admiring baby Miles at Aunt Dory's apartment


Events from 2000, including:
Uncle Norman, Steve and Jackie, Aunt Nell, and Mom at Aunt Nell and Uncle Norman's house in New Orleans


Events from 1999, including:

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