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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Redwood Nature Trail

California Redwoods on the Redwood Nature Trail in Big Basin Redwoods State Park California Redwoods in Big Sur State Park California Redwoods on the path around VENTANA INN®

The first trail that I visited was the Redwoods Nature Trail. Right next to the Visitors' Center and short, with lots of cool Redwood trees including the:

I visited this trail several times and enjoyed it.

I took these photographs with my Fuji GA645Wi MF Rangefinder camera and Fuji VELVIA 100 film. I decided against bringing my Fuji GSW690III camera because it was bigger and bulkier than my GA645Wi. And I figured that I would return to the area again sometime in the future with my LF camera to take more considered and composed photographs.

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